A team with a mission

As an interdisciplinary team, we analyze  mechanical systems, determine relevant measured variables and develop customized and highly integrated measurement technology to obtain usable information in condition & load monitoring.

i4M Teamfoto 2022

Since 2016, we have collaborated with companies, service providers and organizations and have carried out more than 50 most diverse projects. In doing so, we have always focused on working in partnership, engaging in a collaborative process and paying attention to achieving the defined goals with maximum impact and in the shortest possible time.

„In close cooperation with the team from i4M technologies, we have developed a compact, wireless system for monitoring wind turbines from prototype to series production. Above all, we appreciate the strong competencies of the team, the fast development of customized products and the excellent service. We are looking forward to further cooperative partnership.“

Dr.-Ing. Samer Mtauweg
Managing Partner / Research & Development

MML Solutions GmbH

„Thanks to wireless data transmission, the nemione crack monitoring system enables us to facilitate installation even in poorly accessible locations. In addition, the efficient i4M wireless technology can realize years of service life and permanent, low-maintenance monitoring of cracks on highway bridges. As a result, the bridges can continue to be used safely for years even in the event of critical or limited utilization in terms of static reserves..“

Dr.-Ing. Marc Kosalla
Project Manager Structural Diagnostics/ Concrete Maintenance Department
Kempen Krause Ingenieure GmbH

„i4M technologies' customized solutions for Rheinbahn reliably identify faults in our track network before we can detect them by visual inspection. In doing so, the system makes a decisive contribution to reducing vehicle damage and noise pollution for residents. The flexible team at i4M always ensures that our projects are implemented quickly. We can highly recommend a cooperation.“

Jörg Klaeden
Authorized signatory, Division Manager Vehicles,
Deputy Operations Manager

Rheinbahn AG

„At Mack Rides, i4M's wireless nemione measurement system was used to monitore a catapult roller coaster. The compact components convince us with easy installation, robust wireless data transmission even in case of magnetic interference field and high data quality. We thank the team of i4M for the good cooperation and the fast implementation of the project."

Felix Maier
Design/Structural Analysis

Mack Rides GmbH und Co KG

„In i4M technologies GmbH we found a competent partner offering a functional and diverse product portfolio. During the development period, i4M supported us with their comprehensive Know-How in selecting a suitable measurement system meeting our demands.The small dimensions enabled us to perform test measurements quickly and flexibly, even during normal operation. In addition, the system has its strength in its ability to be used for acceleration measurements on the human body.“

Gregor Engelmann
Operation & Service

Europa-Park GmbH & Co Mack KG

„Within a very short time, i4M technologies designed, developed and manufactured a fully functional, wireless telemetry system for the condition monitoring of a tool grinding machine. The telemetry system is very small, battery-powered and fully integrated into the grinding spindle. The system reliably transmits from a machine tool. This solution enables structural integration of sensor technology on rotating machine components, so that process forces can be detected close to the point of action and additional cost-intensive measurement technology components can be dispensed with. I also particularly liked the uncomplicated and goal-oriented cooperation with the team.“

M.Sc. Henning Buhl
Head of Department Machine Components

Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools,
Leibniz University Hannover

i4M Bürogebäude am Lousberg

How we work…

We are constantly working on improving our work.

We provide open, honest and comprehensive consultations.

We stand for the highest quality and reliability.

We speak mechanically, electronically and digitally.

We enjoy our work and we want people to see that.

We always keep ourselves up to date.

We are innovative and open to all solutions.

We are flexible and fast.

We are very well networked and network in all directions.

Martin-Christopher Noll

Martin-Christopher Noll is founder and managing partner of i4M technologies GmbH. After completing his mechanical engineering degree at RWTH Aachen University with a stay abroad at the University of Delaware, USA, he began working as a research assistant at the Institute for Machine Elements and System Engineering (IMSE) and the Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD) at RWTH Aachen University in 2013. There, he worked on numerous projects with a metrological background, e.g. on the use of new sensors in condition monitoring systems (CMS) of wind turbines, on operating load measurement on railroad systems and on the integration of robust, compact radio measurement technology in component test benches. Through his activities, he acquired in-depth knowledge of vibration measurement technology, experimental stress analysis, signal transmission and conversion, electronics development, and targeted analysis of large amounts of measurement data. In 2016, he founded i4M technologies GmbH together with parts of the institute management of IMSE and CWD.

July 2016
Founding of i4M technologies as a spin-off of two institutes of RWTH Aachen University
RWTH Aachen Super C
July 2017
Launch of a monitoring system for Rheinbahn AG's public transport track networks
August 2017
Relocation to new company premises at Aachen Lousberg
i4M Bürogebäude am Lousberg
Start of various development projects with several Tier 1 automotive suppliers
Symbolbild Automobilzulieferer
May 2019
Installation of first systems for online load monitoring on eight RWE wind turbines in Bedburg as part of the LBM² research project
i4M Windkrafträder
November 2020
Launch of the nemione® brand
Logo nemione in weißer Farbe

i4M's know-how, expertise and experience in wireless smart monitoring are reflected in the newly created nemione product line.

April 2021
The "fully printed, smart component" developed jointly with Fraunhofer ILT is presented at the Hannover Messe.
i4M Symbolbild Integrated Sensing
July 2021
i4M celebrates its 5th birthday, the team grows to seven employees.
Teamfoto i4M 2021
December 2021
Participation in the BMDV research project OnboardEU: Detection of track faults using on-board data with regard to immission maps in European cities
Symbolbild zum Forschungsprojekte onboardEU:
April 2022
The website of i4M technologies shines in new splendor matching the official launch of the first products under the brand name nemione®.
Juni 2023
Installation of the first measuring systems for the OnboardEU research project
Messsystem im Rahmen des OnboardEU Forschungsprojekts
Oktober 2023
Expansion of the nemione product line with the nemi DAQ nano.
January 2024
Magisches Dreieck, das die perfekte Balance zwischen Laufzeit, Abtastrate und Reichweite zeigt
Enhancement of our own nemi Link 2400 radio technology: Optimize your radio channel yourself for the optimum balance between range, runtime and data rate.
April 2024
Expansion of the nemione product line with the nemi G+ nano and nemi Log+ cellular

Selected publications

As a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University, we actively contribute our work results to the scientific community.


We are looking forward to getting into conversation with you and to starting a partnership to find the optimal solution for your challenges.

Stephanie Paulus, Martin Noll & Lois Jacobs

i4M technologies GmbH

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