Wireless and Smart Condition Monitoring with nemione

Over the past years, i4M has gained extensive expertise and experience in the field of wireless condition monitoring. This knowledge - coupled with customer feedback from agile development projects - has been incorporated into the development of our own products under the newly created trademark nemione® in 2020.

Smart Sensors

Wireless MEMS accelerometers, connection of strain gauges or a variety of other sensors: with nemione we provide you with a wireless data acquisition (DAQ) system that obtains you reliable data and makes your mechanical assets smart.

Strain Gauges

Temperature Sensors

Displacement Sensors


Acceleration Sensors


Humidity Sensors


Analog Sensors

Digital Sensors

Data Transmission

With specially developed radio protocols, we enable highly efficient and wireless data transmission for wireless condition monitoring of your machines or assets.

nemi Link 2400
(2,4 GHz Radio)

nemi Link 868
(868 MHz Radio)

4G Cellular

SD Card

SSD Drive

Power Supply

Whether batteries with years of runtime, rechargeable batteries or a supply via cable - we have the right solution for you.


Battery Charging via USB

Data Transmission and Power Supply via USB

Power Supply via Cable

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Logo nemione mit Subline "Made by i4M technologies"

Details & Datasheets

Product description, key features, use cases, data sheets and much more: At www.nemi.one we have combined all the details about our smart nemione® products on one clear page each.

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Higher, faster, further...

With nemione® we have developed a product portfolio that covers a large number of application profiles. If the many possible applications do not fit to the condition monitoring of your asset or machine, we develop individual and customized solutions for you.

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Individualization of our products

Small to smallest installation spaces

Fully integrated smart sensors

Special robustness

Difficult accessibility

Individual energy supply concepts

Longer range radio transmission

Scalable sensor clusters

Titelgrafik zum Use Case "Erfassungen physischer Belastungen auf den menschlichen Körper in Fahrgeschäften

Use Case

Detection of physical stresses on the human body in roller coasters

Using a wireless acceleration sensor attached to a chest strap, we have determined the forces and accelerations that occur on the human body while riding roller coasters. With this knowledge, visitors with disabilities can also be offered an extended and improved use of roller coasters and attractions.


Safe measurement during active operation

Risk-free attachment to the body

High robustness against dynamic loads and weather influences

Solution & Advantages

Flexible assembly and disassembly

Uncomplicated handling thanks to completly wireless measurement technology

Longer measurement series because of long battery life

Targeted data analysis

Our nemione products go far beyond the simple measurement of data: The proven sensors provide meaningful data that enable you to make good decisions. Whether condition monitoring, predictive maintenance or digital twin: With nemione's networked sensors and individualized data analysis, your assets - from machines to buildings & vehicles - are optimally utilized.

Simply mounted

Gain value added data

Optimize maintenance

Minimize downtime

Ensure quality

Increase sustainability

Ansicht einer Achterbahn zum Use Case "Online Condition Monitoring zur Analyse des dynamischen Verhaltens von Achterbahnen"

Use Case

Online condition monitoring for the analysis of the dynamic behavior of roller coasters

To enable continuous online condition monitoring, we installed a nemione measuring system on a roller coaster that provides reliable data with the help of three compact wireless sensors and a gateway with integrated sensor technology.


Extreme demands on the radio link

Limited energy supply

Weather conditions

No wiring possible between vehicles

Enormous data volumes via cellular connection

Solution & Advantages

Easy and fast mounting due to light and compact measurement technology

Uncomplicated handling of wireless sensors

Reliable data through robust i4M radio technology


A sensor must be able to do more than just output an unfiltered measured value: With nemione, we make  elaborate data analysis possible by combining intelligent software und high-tech hardware.

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