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Measurement technology, sensors and smart data analysis for the digitalization of machines, assets and infrastructure

Intelligence for mechanical systems: i4M combines mechanical engineering, high-tech electronics and software - from analog control to smart product.

Development and Production

i4M designs, develops and produces measurement technology and sensors, combining mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and IT. We have the right system for your requirements: Either as a product from our nemione® series or as an individual solution developed in a joint process.

  • Compact design

  • Own hardware & firmware

  • Extensive customization options

  • Robust sensor technology

  • Wireless data transmission

  • Ultra long battery life

  • Built-in intelligence

i4M Chips

Smart data analysis

Collecting and storing data alone doesn't lead to the goal: Data analysis must be targeted and focused in order to transform Big Data into Smart Data. By developing our own algorithms and programming individual scripts for data reduction, we help you with digitalization of your machines and to use your data intelligently.

  • Development of algorithms for data analysis

  • Individual scripts for data reduction

  • From Big Data to Smart Data: Consolidation of Big Data volumes

  • Direct calculation of usable data

  • Benefit-focused requirement analysis of our customers' systems

  • Consulting for planning and implementation

Predictive Maintenance

We support you in increasing the sustainability of your products. Whether individual solutions developed especially for you or already optimized products based upon years of development experience - with digitalization you can safely increase the service life of your assets. Your effort for maintenance work is reduced - this saves costs and resources.

  • Prevent damages

  • Minimize maintenance effort

  • Simple retrofit

  • Create digital twins

  • Save energy

  • Reduce costs

  • Optimize runtimes

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Wireless Smart Monitoring

Smart nemione® products for your application

i4M's know-how from years of development work: Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance as a retrofit solution for your machines, assets & infrastructure - wireless and easy with our optimized nemione® products.

Integrated Sensing

How to make your component smart

Your component becomes a smart product: with our wireless technology - high-resolution data, years of battery life and that all with minimal installation space requirements - integrated in your product.

Individual Solutions

Customized measurement technology

For all special cases according to your requirements: Measurement technology and data analysis for digitalization of your machines, assets and infrastructure - tailor-made for you.

Individual Solutions

Our happy customers


We are looking forward to getting into conversation with you and to starting a partnership to find the optimal solution for your challenges.

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