From intelligent sensors to individual data analysis

There are projects that have to start on a blank sheet, because something new and unprecedented has to be created. We analyze mechanical systems, determine relevant measurement variables and develop customized and highly integrated measurement technology to find the optimal solution for your individual challenge.
To reduce your data to the essentials, we develop our own algorithms and program individual scripts. In this way, you avoid a confusing flood of data and enable an intelligent use of your data.

i4M Achterbahn

Iterative to the perfect result

For your individual solutions, we rely on an agile & iterative process that takes us step by step closer to the goal.

Planning & Concept

Every joint development begins with planning and conception. Within the framework of a workshop, we find all important parameters, key figures & requirements with you so that a specification sheet can be created.

Development & Prototype

Since the early days of i4M, we have focused on the rapid development of prototypes. Through our experience from a wide variety of projects, we can draw on an extensive modular system of proven solutions.

Review & Analysis

A prototype is deployed as quickly as possible to verify functionality in its application. If necessary, adjustments are made in a further iteration.


If all requirements are met by the final prototype - together with strong partners - we start the production of any quantity of your individual measurement technology product.

i4M Titelbild Brückenmonitoring

Use Case

Monitoring of crack widths and local climate

Together with Kempen Krause Ingenieure, i4M has equipped several motorway bridges in Germany with a crack monitoring system to extend the service life of the bridges. All components have wireless data transmission and are battery powered.


Poor accessibility

Years of battery life

Weather conditions

Large distances between measuring points

Solution & Advantages

Simple installation

Self-sufficient solution

Extension of the safe use of bridges

Automatic report generation

Thinking outside the box into different industries

Since i4M was founded in 2016, we have acquired a large number of different customers from a wide range of industries. Today, we can look back on numerous successfully completed projects in which we have been able to help new customers achieve intelligent data with our experience.

Mechanical Engineering

Classic Industry 4.0 or Predictive Maintenance projects: We accompany you during the implementation and data evaluation.

Automotive supplier

Vehicles have become increasingly smarter in recent years. i4M's solutions can be found in a wide variety of vehicle components.

Infrastructure buildings

Whether bridges, roads or parking garages: i4M's solutions find their place in concrete, metal and wood.

Wind energy

In view of the climate crisis, wind energy will be of particular importance in the coming years. With i4M products you can minimize the downtime of your wind turbines and make your wind turbines intelligent.

Public transport

When transporting people, nothing should be left to chance. We will be glad to help you to optimize your vehicle and infrastructure maintenance.

… and much more!

Amusement rides such as roller coasters,
chemical plants,
manufacturing plants such as sawmills and weaving mills,
and your industry?

Titelbild zum Use Case zur Online Überwachung von Schienenfehlstellen im ÖPNV

Use Case

Online monitoring of rail faults in public transport systems

Condition monitoring of the public transport track network by automatic and continuous localization and evaluation of rail defects.


Detection and evaluation of rail defects

System integration in regular operation

Localization and display on detailed maps

Direct data reduction of raw time data

Solution & Advantages

Reduction of loads on the vehicle

Reduction of noise pollution on residents

Focusing of maintenance measures

Data reduction through edge computing by a factor of > 10,000

Workshops & concepts

Knowledge is one of the few things that gets bigger when you share it: That's why we're happy to share our expertise, advise from our own experience, and enjoy exchanges within our area of expertise - and beyond. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our workshop offerings.

Business development

Business development and digital business models based on intelligent sensor data

Technology consulting

Technology consulting, in particular on suitable measuring points, measuring principles, proven sensors, data transmission and data analysis


System & data analysis of your product from a metrological point of view: suitable measured variables and suitable data analysis methods


Whether complex software, extreme hardware requirements or simply a customized measurement system: We gladly meet your challenges and look forward to discussing your individual project with you.

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