Demonstrator for Integrated Sensing technology

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  • Demonstrator of a smart component using i4M's highly efficient telemetry and a direct connection of a 3D printed strain gauge
  • Collection of component condition data such as mechanical and thermal loads using highly integrated smart measurement technology to realize intelligent machine elements


Fraunhofer ILT – Institute for Laser Technology


since 2019


  • Small installation space
  • Long battery life
  • Direct connection of the 3D printed strain gauges


  • Measuring system consisting of a transmitter module integrated in the component including battery and a receiver module for data acquisition
  • Connection of a strain gauge full bridge or a resistance thermometer to SMD pads directly on the transmitter module
  • MEMS sensor technology integrated on the transmitter module for measuring accelerations and rotation rates
  • Wireless data transmission with nemi Link 2400, i4M's radio technology in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, via integrated antenna to a receiver module nemi Connect
  • Charging of the built-in battery via Micro USB cable
  • Software for live data display for demonstration purposes at trade shows


  • Wide use of highly integrated measurement technology to measure component loads even in the smallest applications
  • Highly efficient wireless measurement technology and long battery life due to robust radio technology nemi Link 2400
  • Capability for edge computing on the transmitter module


DMS-Sensoren aus dem 3-Druck mit Low-Power-Funk-Telemetrie

Rehberger, Matthias; Noll, Martin-Christopher | Elektronik Praxis, 17. Ausgabe 2020, 14.09.2020, S. 46-48

3D printing improves strain gauge sensor manufacturing

Vedder, Christian; Noll, Martin-Christopher; Rehberger, Matthias | LaserFocusWorld, 21.04.2021

Foto des Demonstrators
Ansicht des Sensorchips mit Größenangaben

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