Online monitoring of rail track faults in public transport systems

Titelbild zum Use Case zur Online Überwachung von Schienenfehlstellen im ÖPNV


Condition monitoring of the public transport track network through automatic and continuous localization and evaluation of rail defects


Rheinbahn AG


In operation since 2017


  • Clean and selective detection and evaluation of rail defects
  • Integration of the measurement system into vehicles in regular operation
  • Localization in the track network and display in a map system
  • Localization of rail vehicles in the tunnel
  • from Big Data to Smart Data at the edge: immediate data reduction from raw time data to relevant defect information decentralized on the moving measurement systems


  • Equipping several trains with acceleration sensors on the wheel bearings and one on-board measuring box each with edge computing capabilities
  • Continuous measurement and evaluation of acceleration signals and linking of these with GPS position data
  • Localization in the tunnel via beacon system and meter counter
  • Power supply via 24 V vehicle-grid
  • Data reduction to relevant information about local track condition by edge computing
  • Data transmission of temporarily stored data via WiFi using MQTT as soon as the vehicle is in the depot
  • Customer-oriented presentation of the acquired and evaluated information in a dashboard


  • Reduction of loads on the vehicle
  • Reduction of noise pollution on residents
  • Focusing of maintenance measures
  • Data reduction through edge computing by a factor of > 10,000
Sensor im Gleisbett
Heatmap zur Analyse von Schienenfehlstellen
Graphic of Online monitoring of rail track faults in public transport systems
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„i4M technologies' customized solutions for Rheinbahn reliably identify faults in our track network before we can detect them by visual inspection. In doing so, the system makes a decisive contribution to reducing vehicle damage and noise pollution for residents. The flexible team at i4M always ensures that our projects are implemented quickly. We can highly recommend a cooperation.“

Jörg Klaeden

Authorized signatory, Division Manager Vehicles, Deputy Operations Manager

Rheinbahn AG

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